Online inquiry

By making an online inquiry, you’ll receive a notification if we’re able to match your inquiry to any received items. The inquiry is valid for 2 weeks. Please note, that we will not inform you, if the item is not found.

We do not always receive the exact locations where items are found (train/place/cabin numbers, etc.), so please describe the item itself as accurately as possible. All brands, colors, texts, shapes, materials, and other details help in identifying the item. For bags, it is always essential to also describe the contents of the bag.

An online inquiry costs 4,95 €.

The date and the place where the item was lost

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Contact information

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The lost item

Describe the item as good as possible.
For example: for lost glasses: the strength and shape of the lenses.
For example: for lost phone: make and model, IMEI-code or SIM-card number.

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